Affiliation to HCB and ECB allows clubs, leagues and organisations to access a range of tangible benefits.

Affiliation to the Hampshire Cricket Board and the England and Wales Cricket Board serves two main purposes. Firstly it enables clubs to play in the various local leagues and ECB competitions. Secondly it provides an opportunity for clubs and organisations to take advantage of a wide range of benefits and services offered by both HCB and ECB, including:

  • HCB assistance with developing boys, girls, womens and disability cricket sections.
  • Eligibility to apply for ECB grants and loans.
  • Access to various advisory services including Child Welfare, Coach Education, Groundmanship and Club Development.


  • CATEGORY 1: £35.00

Clubs based in Hampshire with one or more adult teams.

  • CATEGORY 2: £85.00

Clubs based in Hampshire with one or more adult teams and a junior section.


Clubs outside Hampshire (who should be full members of their 'home' County Boards), and recognised cricket organisations within Hampshire.