Initiative to support period-friendly cricket in Hampshire

Hampshire Cricket Board has lauched a period friendly kitemark

Hampshire Cricket Board has launched a period friendly kitemark, in partnership with FabLittleBag, with the aim to ensure all cricket clubs in Hampshire are female friendly.

The partnership, which will see FabLittleBag provide eco-friendly products that can be used by clubs across the county, was announced at the Hampshire Cricket Board’s Women and Girls Expo on the 17th of February. Their products will allow clubs of all sizes to benefit, from modern clubs and multi-sports facilities, to smaller, local clubs.

Hampshire Cricket Board, is making this initiative available to all cricket clubs in Hampshire, not just those with a women or girls’ section, and those that sign-up will be able to use the official kitemark on their website, use stickers at their facilities, and be listed as period friendly on the Hampshire Cricket Board website.

It’s great to finally announce this project that will benefit not just women and girls, but everyone involved in cricket across Hampshire. We hope this provides clubs with a participation boost and, most importantly, makes the game female friendly.

“The products are high quality and so work perfectly, even in older, thatched clubhouses with poor plumbing – and we are fortunate to have a few of those! There is also going to be a coach’s bag available so that players won’t be caught out, even at an away game or using a council facility, where many women and girls’ teams train and play.

“For instance South Winchester CC, a multi-sport facility not owned by us, is shut on a Monday and Tuesday, when we have our W10 and girls’ training so we hire a portaloo and a coach’s bag will be kept in the portaloo on training nights.”

Emma Cowdrill, HCB Women & Girls Development Officer

Clubs will also be provided with posters that explain the environmental harm of flushing products and wipes, to help meet eco-friendly targets and help prevent expensive plumbing work.

Alongside making the game more inclusive, it’s expected to help clubs improve participation with more players and volunteers available to them. In addition, there are grants in place, dependant on having women and girls as club members.