General Conduct Regulations

In 2022, the ECB introduced the General Conduct Regulations (GCR) to set consistent standards of conduct and behaviour and provide a single set of regulations which can be applied consistently at the top end of recreational cricket.

The GCR contain detailed disciplinary processes which are designed to ensure that disciplinary matters are dealt with in a fair, efficient and consistent manner by cricket organisations and provide assistance to cricket organisations when establishing and running their disciplinary processes.

It is to the benefit of cricket as a whole that broadly the same process and sanctions will apply to a participant who is participating in cricket at the same level of the game, whether they are based in the North East or the South West. Conducting a fair and transparent disciplinary process will also help to protect cricket organisations from legal or reputational damage.

The GCR are currently applicable to County Cricket Boards, National Counties, ECB Premier Leagues and any other cricket organisation which has voluntarily adopted the GCR and the ECB did consider applying the GCR more widely within the recreational game for the 2023 season.

However, the ECB has reflected on the feedback it has received in respect of the GCR, both by cricket organisations that adopted the GCR for the 2022 season and cricket organisations who have not yet adopted the GCR. On the basis of that feedback, the GCR will not be applied more widely within the recreational game for the 2023 season and instead these Recreational Conduct Regulations (the “RCR”) shall be applicable to all leagues within recreational cricket (and within the jurisdiction of the ECB) which are not covered by the GCR (the “Relevant Cricket Leagues”).

The full General Conduct Regulations can be found below:

Should you have any queries relating to the General Conduct Regulations, please direct them in the first instance to one of the HCB Disciplinary Officers:

Emily Munro -

Ben Thompson - 

The appointed chair of the Disciplinary Panel for HCB is Aryana Vashisht, Non-executive Director.