Table Cricket

The Lords Taverners Table Cricket programme takes place across the UK, with schools taking part in regional heats and culminating in an amazing opportunity to play in a national final Lord's, the home of cricket.

Table Cricket is an adapted version of cricket that is played on a table tennis table with teams of six taking it in turn to bowl or bat. A game of strategy with different scoring zones and carefully positioned fielders around the table, bowlers use a ramp to deliver the ball to the batter who has to hit the ball into the scoring zones, avoidinig the fielders if they can.

How does it help young people?

  • Provides access to sport for young people with both learning and physical disabilities
  • Improves coordination and cognitive skills
  • Develops framework and social skills
  • Understand tactics, draw the best of our players and to build a social life
  • Allows progression for young volunteers involved in coaching and umpiring, which in turn, help to develop self-confidence, leadership skills and enforces their future employment prospects
Table Cricket