Wicketz Celebration Event

Hampshire Cricket Board Host Southampton Community Iftar

Members of the local community were invited to St Mary’s Leisure Centre, last month for Iftar, which is the fast-breaking meal during the month of Ramadan. Over 100 members of the community were bought together to share a meal and take part in a range of sports and activities.

Hampshire Cricket Board deliver the successful Lords Taverners’ Wicketz programme in Southampton, utilising the same venue for four free sessions each week.

‘Wicketz’ in Southampton provides free-to-access cricket in a range of venues across the city, reaching children aged 8-19 at community sessions all year-round. The sessions offer a variety of weekly opportunities, including sessions for beginners, introduction to hard-ball opportunities, girls-only and tape-ball offers for ages 12-19. The programme is also providing match-play experience in 2024, with the programme entering the local ‘Last Man Stands’ league and a number of friendly fixtures against other local squads.

“Events like this showcase the power the Wicketz programme has in bringing together people from all different backgrounds to celebrate a holy month observed by many of the local community, a good number of which we see involved in Wicketz on a regular basis. For my first experience hosting this event, it was great to see so many in attendance; enjoying the activities on offer, interacting with one another and sitting down to enjoy the food together. I have welcomed the chance to learn more about Ramadan throughout this month from those involved within our programme and am grateful they felt comfortable sharing their beliefs with me.”

Dani Ransley, Wicketz Development Officer