Umpiring Courses 

Umpire education is largely conducted in the form of tutored courses with some online and some in person.

Details for face to face training courses for the winter of 2023/2024 will be announced soon. 

Please follow this page for dates.

Basics of Umpiring

Designed by the ECB's Association of Cricket Officials, this resource will help you, the occasional umpire, when it's your turn to umpire for 5 or 10 overs on a match day.

Umpire Introductory

This short 2-4 hour standalone course will give any cricket enthusiast curious about becoming an umpire a taste for what the role entails, and outline what lies ahead if you would like to pursue your interest.

Umpire Stage One 

This Stage One Umpire course is designed to give you an overview of the basic Laws of the game and how to apply them and introduce the principles of field craft and match management. It will give you the tools to enable you to umpire recreational matches where there are no independent umpires appointed.

Umpire Stage Two

This course is designed to give you further knowledge and skills sufficient to enable you to become a member of a league panel and is available to anyone who has attended the Stage One. It will complement that course by looking beyond the basic laws, build on field craft and match management techniques and introduce the concept of working, as a team, with a colleague.

Umpire Stage Three

This course is designed for experienced umpires who aspire to stand at the highest level of league cricket and is available to anyone who has attended the Stage One and Two courses or equivalent. As well as the interpretation and application of Law it also covers the management of the match, the field and the players on it. Man management and other practical aspects are also covered. The course will be suitable for those umpires who, although not aspiring to Premier league cricket, still want to develop their skills to be the best umpire they can be.