Primary School Competitions

In association with the School Games Network across the county we deliver a range of KS1 and KS2 competitions throughout the year to provide both boys and girls with the opportunity to play competitive cricket against their peers.

Skills Festivals – Key stage 1

Delivered either through SGOs or by us these provide the youngest children within the school with the opportunity to test their cricket skills. Typically delivered in the spring term these 2 hour events focus on personal best and teamwork rather than coming first place.

Dynamos Schools

Dynamos Schools is the new format that replaces Kwik Cricket. It can be played as a 6 or 8 sided game and is fun and inclusive. Competitions are organised locally via the SGO network and HCB and typically take place in the summer term. Competitions are available to:

  • Year 3/4
  • Year 5
  • Year 6 open
  • Year 6 Girls

In addition to the local Dynamos festivals, every year HCB hosts the Year 6 County finals, open and girls, inviting the schools who have won their local event.