Primary Schools

Our partnership with Chance to Shine allows us to provide free or heavily subsidised programmes in primary schools, all of which are delivered by appropriately qualified coaches. We inspire children to be excited about the sport and teach them how to play cricket in a fun and progressive way. We support staff to teach the sport so that they develop a culture of cricket within their school, making cricket sustainable long term. We also encourage schools to compete, internally or take part in a local tournament, and help children to take the next steps to progress on their cricketing journey.

Our programmes include:

  • One off engagement days
  • A half term block of coaching within the curriculum, alongside the class teacher
  • After school clubs

“The coach was excellent. Not only was he skilled in developing cricket skills in an imaginative and engaging manner, but he also showed a good understanding of how the systems in school work e.g. asking the children to use their school values. He managed behaviour well including engaging children with SEN and challenging behaviours.”

Castle Hill Infant School


  • What space do you need? – We will deliver on grass, a playground, or astro. We prefer to be outside but can move inside if very wet/cold.
  • When can I book? – We deliver to over 200 schools across the county and therefore have to utilise the whole of the academic year. The majority of our Primary delivery is complete by May half term to allow for competitions in June and July.
  • What equipment do we need? – Our coaching team come with enough equipment for a class of approx. 30 children. If the school has their own equipment then we will happily use theirs so they know which bits are best for each activity. In addition, our coaches will never say no to borrowing extra balls if available.
  • Which year groups are appropriate? – In a primary school we like to work with both KS1 and KS2 children. Our sessions are suitable for Years 1 – 6 and adapted to the age and ability of the children.
  • How long is a session? – We recommend approx. 45 minutes for KS1 classes and 60 minutes for KS2. We are however flexible to suit the timings of the school.
  • Does the class teacher have to be present? – Yes, these funded sessions cannot be used as PPA. We love to get the teachers involved.