Boundary Lakes' Emma Allen Turns PGA Professional

We sat down with Emma to find out more about her and her career

To mark this celebratory occasion, Director of Golf Shaun Hall, and had a little Q&A with her. 

Tell us something about you that people might not know?

I am the youngest person in Hampshire to win both the junior and ladies’ Hampshire championships in the same year (humble brag).

How old were you when you took up golf, and what inspired you to want to play more?

I was 10 when I first started playing. My dad took me to Hedge End driving range and I loved it straight away (it was also the only sport I was any good at!).

My Dad inspired/ still inspires me to play, always pushing me to practice and be the best that I can be. Dad helped my Mum and Brother become high-level athletes in their sports (fencing and rowing), so I had a lot of inspiration and guidance from him and my family.

What is your best achievement in golf to date?

In 2016, I won the European Team Championship. I was on the team with some current tour players including Meghan MacLaren, Bronte Law and Alice Hewson. I was in the final match of the semi-final, we were even in points, so my match was the decider on who went through to the final. I was 4 down after 9 and came back to win, sunk a 40-footer on the 17th to go 1up.

Best feeling in the world!

What is the best course you have played on, and why?

Greystone National in Alabama. I’ve never played a course with 18 holes that were all individually as strong as each other. It had every type of difficulty you can face on a golf course. Speedy sloping greens, tree-lined, deep greenside bunkers, greens bordered by water hazards. I played some of my best and worst golf there, so it has always stuck with me. The food was always unreal as well.  

Who is your favourite golfer?

I physically cannot choose one!

 In terms of personality, I’d have to go with Miguel Jimenez (the coolest man on earth). But the greatest of all time has to go to Tiger, no doubt. The best competitor I’ve ever seen is Bronte Law. I was her foursomes partner at the Europeans in 2016 and I have never seen someone so brutally determined and competitive. I was equally terrified and in awe!

What made you decide to turn PGA professional?

I wanted to be able to keep playing in competitions while also being able to learn more about the golf industry and teaching. I didn’t like the idea of having to choose between just playing or leaving golf and going down a different career path. This way I get the best of both!

What do you want to achieve as a PGA professional?

Just the satisfaction of beating Shaun and Woz each week. Haha Kidding!

 I’d love to see my name at the top of the leader board on TV one day, that would be pretty cool.  In terms of teaching, I would really like to become a coach for the National team one day.

We’re very proud to have Emma turn professional and be attached to Boundary Lakes GC. I have known Emma for 18 years now watching her golf career grow from strength to strength and we look forward to helping her achieve her full PGA Professional status whilst she undertakes her 3-year PGA degree. Emma brings a great personality to the team, she is always positive and works very hard at her game, once she is able to teach, she will be able to share her philosophy on the game of golf to all golfers, help start a junior coaching programme and help our ladies section grow and be vibrant. Emma will also be competing in PGA and WGC golf events and we wish her all the success on her journey to becoming fully qualified

Shaun Hall, Director of Golf at Boundary Lakes

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