Custom Fittings 

Are you looking at those clubs in your bag and thinking they look a bit tired? Or are you finding you’re just not getting enough out of them as everyone else around is, with their new clubs? Well book your custom fitting in with one of the Boundary Lakes specialist custom fitters and wonder no more about how much difference a new set of custom fitted clubs will make.

Not sure what custom fitting entails? Here’s why you should get custom fitted!

There’s no set “standard” when it comes to golf clubs and whilst it may be easy to go and just buy a set of clubs off the shelf, how do you know if they’re the right head or the right shaft? Are they the right length, or do you have the right lie angle for your golf swing? And are the grips the right size too? You can’t be sure on this without getting yourself fitted!

We hear a lot of people tell us that they have lost confidence in their clubs, or just aren’t playing the way they would like with them. If this is you, then ask anyone who has had a custom fit on how much difference it can make to not just the performance of the golf, but also the enjoyment.


“I have just got back into golf and the irons I was using were outdated and didn’t suit my swing very well, so I visited boundary lakes for a fitting for a custom set of irons. I was taken away by how friendly everyone was and how well I was treated. Not to mention how beautiful the golf course is on first impressions. The fitting went fantastic, not once did I feel uncomfortable or nervous, I was allowed too take my time and was given an extensive amount of options too choose from. The knowledge and understanding of my swing from my fitter was so pleasing. After I’ve had such a good experience with my fitting I have actually chosen to become a member at boundary lakes and would highly recommend anyone to have a fitting there and maybe they’ll fall in love with it too!!

Scott F

We have a variety of clubs with clubs available from Cobra, PING, TaylorMade & Titleist so call a member of the team on 02382020909 or click here to book in online.