Privacy Notice for Gift Vouchers

Version 1.  Published 30th August 2018.

The purpose of this privacy notice is to inform you on how your personal data is used by us here at Utilita Bowl for when you purchase a gift voucher via our website for eForea spa, Beefy's restaurant or Boundary Lakes golf course.

This privacy notice information is related to this specific purpose only and is provided by Utilita Bowl (legal entity: RB Sports & Leisure Holdings PLC), in supplement to our main privacy policy.

Who collects my personal data?

GiftPro, on behalf of Utilita Bowl.

When you purchase one of our gift vouchers online, then the submitted information - including your personal data - will be captured by our voucher sales system.  This booking and payment system is provided by GiftPro (legal entity: GiftPro Limited).

GiftPro's technology is capturing the information you provide under the direction of Utilita Bowl. Utilita Bowl has defined what personal data is captured during the purchase process and how it gets used.  For taking payments, GiftPro utilise another 3rd party system, Stripe (legal entity: Stripe Inc.).

Neither Utilita Bowl or GiftPro have access to your payment details that are processed by Stripe.

Therefore, under the definitions of the current Data Protection Laws*:

  • Utilita Bowl are a Data Controller
  • GiftPro are a Data Processor
  • Stripe are a Data Processor

You should only contact Utilita Bowl for any queries or concerns relating to this privacy notice.

* Data Protection Act 2018 (UK-only) and the General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR, EU-wide)

What personal information do you collect and why?

Basic personal data, contact details and payment details.

The following fields of personal information will be collected when you purchase a gift voucher:

  • Your name, in order to:
    • Post your vouchers, if applicable
    • Personalise our communications with you
  • Your email address, in order to:
    • Email you vouchers purchased without postage
    • Provide the service, such as email confirmations and password resets
    • Email you news & special offers from Utilita Bowl (unless you unsubscribe)
  • Either yours or the recipient's address, in order to deliver the vouchers via post, where applicable
  • Any personal information included within a personalised message for the voucher
  • Your billing address and payment card details in order to process your payment

With the exception of the marketing purposes for voucher sales described above (please refer to our main privacy policy for details), then all of this personal information is collected under a contractual lawful basis, according the the GiftPro terms & conditions.

Do you collect child data?


  • Children (defined as aged 13 or under in the GDPR) will not be expected to purchase any of our gift vouchers

Where is my personal data stored?

In the EU and US

  • GiftPro's own systems are hosted soley within the UK
  • Stripe do transfer data from their European data center to the US
  • Stripe do have appropriate legal safeguards in place for these international data transfers, such as EU-US Privacy Shield
  • For more details, please refer to the applicable section of the Stripe privacy policy: 

Is my personal data shared with any other third parties?

Yes, with our marketing agency.

  • Under the lawful basis of legitimate interest for recent customers, your name and email will be sent securely to our marketing agency, to be included within Utilita Bowl marketing database that they manage.  This database is stored within the UK
  • You will only receive marketing communications that are relevant to the service for which you have purchased the gift voucher
  • Our marketing agency are purely acting as a Data Processor, for specific marketing purposes defined by us here at Utilita Bowl (as the Data Controller)  
  • Our marketing agency do utilise 3rd party systems and suppliers to fulfil their services for Utilita Bowl. But they won’t pass your personal information onto third parties for any other purpose and your personal data will never leave the EEA

How long do you keep my personal information for?

For up to 15 years since your last purchase.

  • Your personal data will be held in the GiftPro database for 10 years since your last purchase
    • Once this period has elapsed then your personal data will be automatically deleted
  • Once 5 years has elapsed without a further purchase from you will automatically become "opted-out" in the marketing database, so that you no longer receive such communications
  • We will retain your personal data in the opted-out state for a further 10 years, in order to:
    • Ensure that you don't appear on the active marketing list again (unless you actually make a new purchase, or sign up for our mailing list)
    • Evaluate marketing campaign effectiveness and customer acquisition rates
  • After being opted-out for 10 years, then your profile will automatically become either deleted or anonymised, so that your personal data is completely removed from all of our systems
  • If you have specifically opted into marketing via another Utilita Bowl service, joined our mailing list or have purchased an additional business service such as corporate hospitality, then your personal data may remain in use for a period longer than 15 years (unless you opt-out)

How can I get in touch regarding this privacy notice?


If you have any further questions or complaints after reading both this notice and our main privacy policy, then please email our Data Protection Officer at, or write to our postal address: Utilita Bowl, Botley Road, West End, Southampton, Hampshire, SO30 3XH.

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