Privacy Notice for Boundary Lakes Members

Version 2.  Updated April 2019.

The purpose of this privacy notice is to inform you on how your personal data is used by us here at Boundary Lakes and Utilita Bowl for Boundary Lakes golf club senior, student and junior members.

This privacy notice information is related to this specific purpose only and is provided by Utilita Bowl (legal entity: RB Sports & Leisure Holdings PLC), in supplement to our main privacy policy.

Who collects my personal data?

Boundary Lakes and our 3rd party technology providers: GolfNow and Foremost Golf

When you join Boundary Lakes as a member, then you will ask to complete a registration form.  The details of this form will be entered into our BRS members module, provided by a 3rd party system: BRS Golf (part of GolfNow) and entered into Foremost Golf's CMS for email communications.

GolfNow's technology and Foremost Golf are capturing the information you provide under the direction of Utilita Bowl. Utilita Bowl has defined purposes (see below) for how we will use your personal information.

Therefore, under the definitions of the current Data Protection Laws*:

  • Utilita Bowl are the Data Controller
  • GolfNow and Foremost Golf are the Data Processors

You should only contact Utilita Bowl for any queries or concerns relating to this privacy notice.

* Data Protection Act 2018 (UK-only), the General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR, EU-wide) and Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR).

What personal information do you collect and why?

Basic personal data, contact details, age, medical conditions and payments details

The following fields of personal information will be collected when you purchase a Boundary Lakes membership:

  • Your first, middle and last names and date of birth, in order to:
    • Create a membership account
    • Identify your age range and suitability for the membership and different competitions
    • Personalise your communications
  • Your email address, in order to:
    • Email you about your membership, upcoming competitions and other club news bulletins
    • Email you news & special offers from Utilita Bowl (unless you unsubscribe)
  • Your address and phone number, in order to:
    • Process your order
    • Get in touch if we have a query or service announcement
  • Your medical conditions, where applicable, in order to care for your vital interests if necessary to do so
  • Your next of kin name and contact number, in the event of an emergency
  • Your payment card details in order to process your payment or setup a direct debit
  • Your signature (classed as personally identifiable biometric data under GDPR)

All of this personal information is collected under a contractual lawful basis, as covered in the membership terms & conditions. 

The only exception is for Utilita Bowl marketing purpose described above where the lawful basis is legitimate interest, determined via your purchase of our service (described as a "soft opt-in" in the PECR).  You will be able to unsubscribe from such communications at any point.

Do you collect child data?

Yes, for our junior memberships.

  • When a parent purchases a junior membership, we will collect the child's name and age
  • For members aged 13 or under, we will seek explicit consent from the parent or legal guardian to process their child's details, in addition to the parent's acceptance of the membership terms and conditions
  • Under no circumstances will we send marketing communications to our child members aged 13 or under

Where is my personal data stored?

In the United Kingdom.

  • Any membership forms, whether submitted via email or in-person, will be stored on-premise at Utilita Bowl
  • GolfNow's BRS system and Foremost Golf's databases are also located within the UK

Is my personal data shared with any other third parties?

Yes, with our marketing agency.

  • Unless you opt-out of marketing, your name and contact details will be sent securely to our marketing agency, to be included within Utilita Bowl marketing database that they manage.  This database is stored within the UK
  • Our marketing agency are purely acting as a Data Processor, for specific marketing purposes defined by us here at Utilita Bowl (as the Data Controller)  
  • Our marketing agency do utilise 3rd party systems and suppliers to fulfil their services for Utilita Bowl. But they won’t pass your personal information onto third parties for any other purpose and your personal data will never leave the EEA

How long do you keep my personal information for?

For up to 15 years since your last purchase.

  • Your personal data will be held in the BRS and Foremost Golf database for 5 years after your membership is cancelled
  • Once the 5 years has elapsed without a further purchase or re-joining from you then:
    • Your personal data will be erased from the BRS and Foremost Golf databases within a year
    • You will automatically become "opted-out" in the marketing database, so that you no longer receive such communications
  • We will retain your personal data in the opted-out state for a further 10 years, in order to:
    • Ensure that you don't appear on the active marketing list again (unless you actually make a new purchase, or sign up for our mailing list)
    • Evaluate marketing campaign effectiveness and customer acquisition rates
  • After being opted-out for 10 years, then your profile will automatically become either deleted or anonymised, so that your personal data is completely removed from all of our systems
  • If you have specifically opted into marketing, joined our mailing list or have purchased a non-Boundary Lakes service, such as corporate hospitality, then your personal data may remain in use for a period longer than 15 years (unless you opt-out)

How can I get in touch regarding this privacy notice?


If you have any further questions or complaints after reading both this notice and our main privacy policy, then please email our Data Protection Officer at, or write to our postal address: Utilita Bowl, Botley Road, West End, Southampton, Hampshire, SO30 3XH.

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