Sustainability at Utilita Bowl

Utilita Bowl is one of the country’s most modern and innovative sports, music and leisure destinations. Set in 150 acres of natural beauty, we respect nature and are committed to preserving the environment and making net positive contributions through our influence and actions.

Sustainable Transport

Transport contributes a significant proportion of carbon emissions at major events. As part of our commitment to reducing our impact on the environment we actively encourage supporters to use public transport through our rail shuttle bus provision.

In 2022, we provided over 20,000 journeys on our bus services, removing almost 5,000 vehicles from local roads.

Waste Reduction

Wherever possible our concessions and suppliers use biodegradable packaging and responsibly sourced products.

Our self-destructing cups prevent ocean plastic pollution by degrading within two years of being used and our ORCA food waste processor digests all of our food waste into water, eliminating landfill and carbon heavy waste disposal processes.

Energy Saving

Across our site, we have installed energy saving measures including LED lighting and smart energy monitoring systems, as well as solar powered lighting for the Park & Walk walkway. Solar powered lighting will also be used across other customer car parks on major matchdays.

We continue to investigate opportunities to generate green power onsite and will introduce EV charging points in our new supporter car parks.

Water Saving

In 2022, 50% of our golf and cricket irrigation requirements were supplied through recycled greywater.

By 2024, we plan to supply over 20,000 cubic metres of water for this purpose, completely removing our reliance on mains water while maintaining picture perfect outfields, fairways and greens.

Tree Planting

Over the next ten years, we plan to plant over 15,000 trees across our site, providing a significant biodiversity gain and carbon capture opportunity.

Alongside this, we will continue to manage thousands of existing trees and further offset our environmental impact.