Private GP services

Offering you the appointment flexibility to fit around your lifestyle we can offer remote and face to face appointments - all providing patients with a high- quality service and the time needed to really talk through your concerns.

Our aim is to reignite the traditional patient relationshop where we get to know you and your family and can tailor care specific to you.

What can we do to help?

We offer all primary care services for acute and chronic problems to anyone from birth onwards. Anything you talk to your NHS GP about our GPs can help you with. We can offer both urgent and more routine appointments so you can access what you need at a time that suits you. We understand the local systems, local referral pathways and work closely with other hospital providers. We can offer diagnostics such as a full range of laboratory investigations and can refer onwards for radiology or more detailed investigations.

Feeling under the weather and wanting a health review?

We offer men’s and women’s wellness screening. This includes a panel of specific tests to highlight underlying problems and risk screen for disease. This is all under the care of your GP who will follow you up and talk you through all your concerns.

Women’s health

Our GPs are experienced in helping women on their menopause journey- from perimenopause queries, through to menopause support and HRT starts or switches. We encourage body identical HRT choices to give the most natural and safest support options.

Thinking you need a specialist opinion?

Being a GP means you hold a wealth of knowledge in the whole host of conditions that primary care can throw up. But we also offer referrals to secondary care colleagues such as orthopaedics or surgery when you need something more than we can provide. These referrals can be made both privately and through the NHS. We also have direct access to MRI, ultrasound and full laboratory investigation.


£110 for 20 minutes (This is ideal for single acute problems)

£150 for 30 minutes (This is ideal for mental health, women’s health or complex symptoms)

Please phone if you’re not sure what to book or if your problem is urgent.

The service operates Tuesdays and Thursdays


Do you want the ultimate in quick and easy access to a GP when you need one without worrying about the unplanned cost? Our subscription service will give you just that. With priority only members appointments, easy access to your GP and a range of other perks only available to members. Find out more here

Additional services and packages

Menopause package £320 Includes a 30-minute initial consultation, a 20 minute follow up 4-6 weeks later and then a review at around 3 months. Ideal for those considering HRT or looking to explore different HRT options.

Wellness Screening £320 20-minute appointment with GP to highlight your concerns, full blood screen and 20 minutes review appointment a week later to discuss results.

The tests include: full blood count, liver and kidney function, cholesterol, diabetes check, bone profile, thyroid function, vitamin D, vitamin B12, folate, ferritin (iron) and PSA in men.

Bowel Cancer Screening £240 20-minute appointment with GP, blood tests and stool tests

Medical weight management package (Wegovy) £300 per month (3 month package). A bespoke package which includes GP appointments, nutritional coaching, blood screening and Wegovy injections (if appropriate).

Joint injections £150 these are steroid (depo medrone) injections which might be suitable for conditions such as osteoarthritis, tennis elbow or rotator cuff conditions.

Private Medicals £150 – £200 Private medical (DVLA, fit to travel, employment)

If you would like to make an appointment or contact the team please either call 01489 347095 or email 


Since becoming a member of Coastal Private GP & Aesthetics, I have been warmly welcomed by all members of staff. I believe it is paramount to have a doctor who knows you. I have been able to see the same Dr on each visit and they have been able to accommodate next day appointments due to me being a member. The monthly membership is brilliant. It feels great to know that if I need the Dr's at coastal, they are there and I don't have to worry about the stress of not getting an appointment in front of a doctor. I'm so happy I have joined and I hugely recommend them to everyone.


I have used Hayley’s Woman’s Health services and it has been life changing. Hayley’s approach and support has been brilliant and I cannot recommend her enough. The whole team are helpful with great customer service. Thank you!


I travelled almost an hour to visit this doctor surgery to have a seafarers medical exam completed with Dr Hayley Cousins, I chose Coastal Private GP because I felt the female doctors would put my anxiety at getting a medical exam completed at ease after previous medical exams not being that pleasant. I can say that I will definitely return to Coastal each time, they were kind, caring and overall just lovely! They also very quickly and kindly dealt with an issue I had with my certificate after my appointment. Thank you Dr Cousins.


I had an appointment a few weeks ago. It was great to be able to have a detailed face-to-face discussion of my condition, and get useful advice nobody else had given me. Things have definitely improved since I started taking the medicine they recommended.


This Drs surgery is everything you hope it will be. Friendly, welcoming and caring. I couldn’t be happier with the care I was given here from my first contact they have been helpful, efficient and accommodating. I thoroughly recommend them.


It kind of went against the grain to make an appointment with a private GP but our local NHS practice has such a bad reputation that I couldn’t face dealing with them. I haven’t seen a GP for years so could justify the expense. I’m so glad I did, I got a next day appointment, the GP was lovely and welcoming. She listened and had time for me to discuss my concerns. The cost of my prescription was actually cheaper than the NHS prescription charge! It felt t like a game changer, I would if I had to, but I hope I don’t need to use them again.


Very prompt and professional service. Was great to be able to speak face to face with someone and get the issue sorted. Lovely friendly staff, would highly recommend.